DRM - Tips and best practice

The process, from physically experiencing a disaster to receiving relief, can be quite cumbersome and take a long time. Therefore, there is often apathy from applicants towards the process. It is important for applicants to understand the following in terms of best practice in the reactive process:

  • When a disaster is experienced, best practice is to make contact with Agri Wes Cape as soon as possible;

  • Applicants can speed up the process by contacting their local Municipal Manager to complete the appropriate letter that needs to accompany an application for disaster declaration; and

  • It will be beneficial for applicants to be cooperative in the verification process and assist PSPs who need to complete assessments;


It will also be beneficial to have a proactive approach towards best practice in the form of disaster risk reduction strategies. In this instance it becomes critically important that farmers implement mitigating strategies for climate change. As mentioned, the NDP highlights improving disaster preparedness for extreme climate events by calling for increased investment in new agricultural technologies, research and the development of adaptation strategies for the protection of rural livelihoods and expansion of

commercial agriculture.